Hello Jane:

I have tried oregano oil. I have much stock. I am not clear as to how it effected me but I use it on occasion. It is a broad band anti-microbial: > 80% carvacrol.

I am on a strict NSD now but it isn't helping me to improve however I know that it establishes some stability. The six days of amoxicillin did harm. I do sense more microbial activity in the gut and lots of gas without having changed the diet I have had for a few years. Also neuropathy in the hands (stemming from the spine) and neuropathy in the feet and legs (from I am not certain what) has gotten worse.

Perhaps going back to an array of broad-spectrum antimicrobials will reduce symptoms of inflammation in time.

I feel the need for probiotics now that I have hit my gut flora with amoxicillin and gotten unwanted symptoms. But I feel that doing a few weeks of probiotics followed by a week of anti-microbials is too long of a gap between the two since I probably have increased unwanted microbes yet need some good reinforcements. I am considering spacing the two by hours now instead off weeks.

Interestingly, the naturopath named Eric Bakker makes a set of pills called CanXida: one has antimicrobials, a second pill is packaged with enzymes and probiotics, and a third pill that is full of vitamins and minerals. He suggests taking his antimicrobials with the probiotics!!! If he says that in his many years of working with patients that this combination works then who am I to question that with my theories!!

I am tempted to use NSAIDs to reduce inflammation and the associated damage. Being too pendantic about banning anti-inflammatories and soldiring the excessive inflammation seems to have accelerated disease progression. But then it was using them for too long, or at all, that got me in this mess so late in life. Damned if I do and damned if I don't!

The composition of oregano oil varies between brands. My pharmacist friend emphasizes that most brands try to sell their product based on maximizing what is considered the active ingredient: carvacrol. He says that we should strive to find a brand that has a better balance of carvacrol and some other compound in the oregano oil because evidence shows that there is a synergistic effect between the compounds; just like there are synergistic effects between "innocuous" microbes. But I digress.


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