For sufferers of R.A. this is what happened to my partner.
My partner suffered from R.Arthritis chronic pain terrible, sleepless nights, flare-ups and pill popping god knows what from the doctor. Anyways a friend of ours explained about cannabis vaping oil his mother takes for her Parkinson's. We bought here in UK form the guys at mypainaway co uk they were helpful by way of 'putting us in the picture' this THC/CBD vaping oil worked for my Mrs the first day, she vapes 2-3 drags off your vape nightly now before she sleeps, her Pain is completely gone and her flare-ups and she take NO medication now. We pay £15 for a 3ml bottle that lasts her approx 2 months, which is Very charitable from the uk website, these guys are 'Robin Hoods' unlike the NHS who are Hoods charging for medical cannabis £2,500 for 3 months supply I read last week in the Daily Mail, anyways hope this info will help sufferers out there. God Bless

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