Greetings fellow AS kickers,

I purchased a piece of home gym equipment to help with my
Kyphosis and for general exercise fitness and I just realized
That it can be used for traction as well.... picture of the home gym is attached here:

For traction I remove the weights pin and bring down the T-bar and tuck it under the chest press push bars to hold it in place. Then I use a leather belt around my upper chest and I attached a stong stretchable piece of rope with a hook, similar to the one on the T-bar, to the belt around my chest, and then to the T-Bar with me facing the back rest.
Once all connections were made, I released the T-bar so weights could be added. With me standing up and facing the back rest, I had my brother add a comfortable amount of weight to give me enough traction and I then pulled the T-bar
Down with weights, and sat facing the back rest and released the T-bar slowly!

This gave a nice pulling traction upwards while I just sat for 30 min.

Darn it I wish I had bought this machine like 8 years ago. The Traction was so awesome I could really feel my back stretching. If I continue I know I will see good results in future. Plus you can adjust the weights to your desired amount of traction.

Warning this is not medical advise and just something I have come to realize was possible with such a machine for my own self. For persons badly fused it can be dangerous attempting traction. Please ask your doctors for advise before attempting something like this...

I wanted to buy a sit traction harness which attaches to a door pull up bar like the ones commonly found online, but now I don't have to.

Just thought I would share, wish I had this idea years ago😧

Stay fit.


HLA B27+
Have AS since the age of 13.
Diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 22