Hello all - it has been quite a while since I checked in. Life happens - retirement, loss of family, and all the adulting things. The best part of these is total reduction of stress - a wonderful thing.

As retirement approached I knew I could not sit still so I got busy. I do everything I am physically capable of. Sometimes I pay the price with flares and given pains but after 50 years with this blessing of AS I call it normal. Get up do it again.

So as of recently it seems my L and T spine is loosening up. By that I mean when I lay down on the right surface I can roll my pelvis back and forth and hear nice series of releases not heard or felt in decades. Similar with extension of T joints. Not so much in the C zone as neck is and has been my nemesis for years. Arrgh

Has anyone experienced this? Not on AS diet anymore but diet is restricted for sodium and purines for BP and Gouty toes. Never did try biologics as I considered myself too far gone.

Just wondering and trying to resist false hope cycles

March on folks


Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.

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