Posted By: Grumpyally Iritis/uveitis flare would fasting help? - 02/26/12 09:13 AM
I am a few days short of stopping the drops for an iritis flare in my left eye and now I feel as though it is beginning to start in my right eye frown. I have had it loads of times in my left eye but only once in my right (possible other twinges but they went away). Looking positively I have gone from four episodes the previous year to a gap of nine months since going NSD.

My question is would an apple or water fast (chardonnay to kill the klebs?) let the inflammation go without drops. This eye is nowhere near the cataract risk count unlike my other, it is just I would prefer not to use the drops not to mention the hassle of getting to the emergency clinic dilating drops etc.

Once the inflamation is there do you need drops whether the klebs are still there or not do get rid.
Posted By: Possi Re: Iritis/uveitis flare would fasting help? - 02/27/12 01:49 PM
Keep using your drops! You don't want to mess around with your eyes. We don't get a 2nd chance. I have scarring from iritis/uveitis. After fighting it for quite a while, I went on Imuran and that totally stopped the Uveitis/Iritis. I had it constantly for quite a few years; both eyes at a time. Misery. I did have to have early cataract surgery on one eye from so many steroid drops and just did the 2nd one a few months ago 12 years after the first one.

I don't personally think a fast will help with that severe eye inflammation. No dr. here of course! Just want to encourage you to take care of your eyes.

Hugs and Blessings.
Possi hrtballon
Thanks for that I figured that would probably be the case. Luckily it seems to have gone away for the moment. I spent the weekend in dark glasses which helped though I also wonder if it was just reacting to my other eye returning to normal as the drops are decreased so it doesn't have to work as hard.
Posted By: SJLC Re: Iritis/uveitis flare would fasting help? - 02/27/12 11:54 PM
I think fasting would stave off iritis only if you catch it early. Once you let the inflammation reaction settle in to where the eye turns red, its much harder to get rid of it.
Hi, Grumpyally:

It is very odd that You would flare after nine months NSD! You must be frustrated, as I was when it happened to me (from eating too much cheese).

Yes, fasting would help very much. and I have taken even other measures You might also be interested in but I am not encouraged to discuss here; You are welcome to send me an email request for both fasting and iritis information: .

Apples are not in season here, so I am reluctant to do them, but if a four or five day water-only fast is not possible, I would do a different monodiet of some other fruit.

It is a personal choice, but I prefer You would use the drops because of the uncertainty behind the cause--that is the basic cause, it is still the IgA-Kp, certainly, but the food trigger if any would be important to determine.

And the drops can prevent damage (if used for very brief periods), so hands down get to an ophthalmologist or someone who can provide the steroid drops. I don't know about the dilating drops--these may not be as necessary, but You should ask the expert there with You right in front of them.

I hope this is a very brief issue, but let me say once again how much I HATE IRITIS!!!

Posted By: utahmom Re: Iritis/uveitis flare would fasting help? - 02/28/12 02:04 AM

Must be going around, Saturday I woke up with uveitis in my right eye. Things have been going so good for me with the NSD diet, I thought I may have gone into remission. Guess not. I hope your eyes clear up quickly.

Thanks for the help DragonSlayer I will mail you for the extra info. I had overindulged on chocolate (birthday parties) and less on the good stuff the weekend for the last bout and since discovering cocoa is starchy I wonder if thats what did it. The niggle in my less prone eye may be due to some pancakes I made using butternutsquash thinking it was ok. I have it fairly regulary however I tested it out of interest after eating and it was black frown Annoying how one slip up can bring it all back mad
Posted By: SJLC Re: Iritis/uveitis flare would fasting help? - 02/29/12 07:15 AM
Originally Posted By: Grumpyally
The niggle in my less prone eye may be due to some pancakes I made using butternutsquash thinking it was ok. I have it fairly regulary however I tested it out of interest after eating and it was black frown

Huh, what made you think squash was starch-free? Not trying to be snide or anything, wondering if you got bad advice from somewhere or if previous iodine tests were not so conclusive.
I thought I had tested it before and it was fine but obviously not!
Its still a big learning curve!
I remember now I tested it when I had cooked it thinly sliced with garlic and coconut milk as my alternative to dauphinois potatoes. It was either ok or inconclusive. It was boiled and mashed for the definite positive test.

At list it gave me a cause which is better than not knowing.
Has anyone who has been on Enbrel actually gotten iritis/uveitis while on it? I have read some articles that suggest Enbrel may make you more susceptible?