Posted By: Lon Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 02:45 AM
Monday the 21st, I intend to drive to the Teton mountains in Western Wyoming. Lord willing, I will set up a tent and get lost / find myself in the great out doors.
I intend to take my time and climb the mountain. Look down at where I have been and be grateful for the journey I have had in life. It would be great to harvest an elk. No matter, at this point in my life, getting to go, figuring out which way to the tent before it gets dark, watching the sun come up and set late at night.
I will hear the coyote howl and maybe a wolf or two…
There is usually a couple moose that seem as big as a pick up truck, one year he walked with in feet of me, seeming to not give me much thought.
I will be thinking about who I have become and what I want to do with the remaining years of my life. I usually take some stuff to read by fire light, visit with anyone in the same canyon by fire light.
It is amazing how big the Milky Way seems when all artificial light is extinguished.
Yu are welcome to join me, bring two sleeping bags, gators, hat with ear muffs, and 2-3 wool shirts, and gloves and a coat. ……I am a bit scared…I always get the chills, ..I often fall several times a day, I still get the occasional panic attack, and quite often I forget where I came from……this all makes the trip worthwhile.
I do a lot more than hunt, hike or camp – I think of it as being.
I often read your posts, but do not have the time to post. Thanks for reading my post today.
I love this place!
Posted By: Zehntuhl Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 05:06 AM
Your post made me smile. I'm getting lost the next two days, hoping to spot the occasional elk as well. I feel the same way when I'm in the woods. Some of the best times in the woods are when I'm not looking for deer and elk (like the time I saw some crows swooping down on a hawk to chase it away, or sitting under a tree watching the local mouse zigzagging around my feet). The woods even help me forget about the pain, probably the exercise.
Posted By: rumble Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 05:54 AM
Enjoy your time in the great Creation. But don't get too lost or fall too many times (none would be best, regarding falls). Stay warm and toasty, watch for snakes. Come back to tell us about your adventures. Feel God!

Gentle hugs for you, Lon.
Posted By: fyrfytr187 Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 11:36 AM
Have a great time my old friend! I will be with you in spirit!
Posted By: Inanna Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 01:00 PM
Lonnie, how I wish I could be there. It sounds amazing ... and then I could help you find your way back ... to the tent ... or wherever. And to share the Milky Way and Moose with you, maybe see an Elk for the fist time. Swap stories over the fire.

Alas, time and distance get in the way. But it is nice to dream.

Enjoy yourself, my dear. Take care of yourself, too. I know you'll come back with a marvelous story to tell, or perhaps a bit of mischief. I can't wait to hear.

Posted By: Grumpyally Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 01:10 PM
Sounds wonderful there is nothing like the great outdoors for clearing away the cobwebs and giving you time to think. I hope the weather is kind to you and you get those clear autumnal nights for stargazing.

Posted By: sherri Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 01:41 PM
Lon I wish you a good trip full of all the things you want to do out there ! Be careful and stay warm !!

Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 02:04 PM
Hello Lon,

Enjoy the outdoors, I miss it very much from my camping days back in Wisconsin.

Do not get to lost, we want you to post here how it went afterwards.

God Bless,

Posted By: Orch Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 02:23 PM
Have a good time Lon I wish I could be there. I would have a GPS with me to get un-lost. My wife told me last night she would like to go see Mount Rushmore some time. I was like lets go. I am sure the government has it shutdown right now. Maybe next spring. If we head that direction I will try to stop by.
Posted By: gbash Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 04:54 PM
Sounds great! I'm in dire need of getting back into the wild.

Have fun.
Posted By: mulehound Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/10/13 08:55 PM
I am with you man. I have a new mule by the name of willy. He is great. I can get lost but they always bring me home.
Posted By: bettyrawker Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/11/13 02:03 AM
Sounds perfect!! Wishing you a fabulous trip!

We spent our honeymoon in the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone over New Years a few years ago. Best time of year to visit I think is in the off seasons of fall/winter, for sure! And I love seeing all the moose by the Tetons too.

I totally dream of retiring to Jackson Hole too. Love the drier climate. Oregon's wet winters are a bit more achy for me, though really beautiful here in the [wet] coast range.

Wish we could join you! We did a really fun old fashioned snow shoe walk about with a ranger while at the Tetons, it was a $5 donation, super fun. Not sure what the snow level is like yet...

Posted By: Possi Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/11/13 02:25 AM
I think it wonderful. I especially would love to see the evening sky away from the city lights. I hope you have a glorious time and don't get too cold.

I will be thinking of you.

Posted By: jay_bharat Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/11/13 09:39 AM
Hi Lon,
Long time since I have your post.
Wish you the best for your endeavor.
Posted By: Smed Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/11/13 11:48 AM
Have a great hunt. Don't forget bear spray- wolves and griz on the rise on that end of the state. Not so much for the Elk.
Snow forecasted for the 21st should help with the hunt. I was in my twenties last time I hunted that area. Now days if I went hunting I would have to take a knife and a fork plus a salt shaker and eat the game on the spot, not enough energy to pack one out of those canyons.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/12/13 03:18 AM
Hi Lon

Sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy your physical and spiritual journey. Can you see the Northern Lights from your campsite or are you too far South? I always look up at the stars and try to fathom that I am looking back at layers of time. It also makes you realize how tiny we really are.

Hope you have a good hiking stick for the trails.

Posted By: Sue22 Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/12/13 01:08 PM
Wish I could be there in person, but will be there in spirit.

In high school, with my Girl Scout troop, we went to Wyoming. Stayed at the big national girl scout property in Ten Sleep, now owned by the Nature Conservancy.

Then went to the Tetons and Yellowstone.

The sky was so big out there. The scenery so breathtaking. The quiet so peaceful.

Enjoy communing with nature. reindeer
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Two Weeks in the Wild. - 10/17/13 02:22 AM
WARNING to all elk, moose, bears, wolves, & coyotes!!
There's a Lon loose in the woods!