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How many of you have heard of Peter Winslow?

I guess not many or everyone would be talking about him. I recently discovered his videos on youtube.

To give you some background information on Peter Winslow

He was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when he was 24. After eight long years of dealing with chronic pain, crippling stiffness, and endless waiting for a cure, the agony and depression he felt so debilitating that he just couldn’t see living out the rest of his life with those horrible symptoms.

He now lives with no pain engages in activities such as bodybuilding and has been a life coach and discovered the root cause of his AS. He has many techniques which helped him to get back to normal.

By using breathing techniques to breath deeply, guided imagery, meditation and reducing stress he discovered away to reduce inflammation and he was feeling much better. Furthermore he follows no diets and eats what he wants.

My view on Peter Winslow

I initially thought the same as what most of you are probably thinking its a scam and he wants to make money there is no cure for AS period.

However i decided to be optimistic and look more into his work. On his website he offers a free guided imagery sample to back up his work. I decided to give it a shot what was the harm?

To my amazement the results i got were Amazing! I decided to use the guided meditation before going to sleep. Peter provides information on what are he best conditions when to do the guided imagery (You can see for yourself when you visit his website.

I remember going to bed with stiffness and pain in my back and neck as soon as i did the guided meditation which lasted 19 minutes of playback audio i got instant relief i moved my body in awkward positions where normally i would have pain and stiffness but there was NO PAIN my body felt relaxed and almost normal. I woke up the next day with about 50% reduction in pain and stiffness and slept on my side which i never do because i usually wake up with a lot of pain.

I couldnt believe it the results i got just from that one session were as good as taking 2-3 naproxens at once; that small period of relief you get was magnified to atleast 5-6 hours and the best part was there was no side effects!. I had to do more research into this man Peter Winslow.

So i decided to go back to his website and i found out he has a book called help for people with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was about to purchase it as it gives step by step methods on how to get pain relief and reclaim your life. I noticed his website accepts dollars and i live in the UK. So i contacted Peter Winslow through email and asked him if i can purchase it through amazon instead, He told me it can only be purchased through his website. I said fair enough, will you accept Pounds instead of dollars? i also told him about my 50% reduction in pain. To my surprise the email i got back was unexpected.

Peter said ill send you the book for free in exchange for your endorsement of 50% less pain. I was shocked i thought even though it may work the guy is likely in it for the money this is when i knew this had to work.

Once i read the book my knowledge and understanding of AS completely changed. I now understand the root cause of the problem its so simple yet so hard for people to understand.

I cant say much on here as i really dont want to exploit Peter Winslow and give out all his info in his book but i will give you a insight.

For a long time i thought AS was a digestive problem and starch is the issue and it is to a certain extent however how can we be expected to live on such a diet for a long time it gets sickening.

Thats when i realized AS is a psychological problem and it has a lot to do with a process called the fight or flight response. I believe that AS and other autoimmune diseases occur from stress and traumatic experiences. The majority of people before they had AS are higly likely to have experineced high levels of stress or maybe had/experienced traumatic events when they were younger. All these factors creates problems in the brain which lead to anxiety and depression this puts our body in a process called the fight or flight response. When our body goes into this process it prepares us for a fight or flight lol.

An example would be lets say if you were in a life threatening situation your body will go into this mode. The sympathetic nervous system prepares us for a fight so our body makes chemical and biological changes that we cant see such as
Increased levels of blood cells
Acceleration of heart and lung action
Paling or flushing, or alternating between both
Inhibition of stomach and upper-intestinal action to the point where digestion slows down or stops
General effect on the sphincters of the body
Constriction of blood vessels in many parts of the body
Liberation of metabolic energy sources (particularly fat and glycogen) for muscular action
Dilation of blood vessels for muscles
Inhibition of the lacrimal gland (responsible for tear production) and salivation
Dilation of pupil (mydriasis)
Relaxation of bladder
Inhibition of erection
Auditory exclusion (loss of hearing)
Tunnel vision (loss of peripheral vision)
Disinhibition of spinal reflexes

It does this to prepare us for the worst case scenario. When the fight or flight response is activated, stress hormones called adrenaline and cortisol excrete into the bloodstream to prepare us for action. Muscles tense up and blood pressure rises; blood flows out of the visceral organs and into the muscle groups used for fighting or running away. Breathing gets rapid and shallow, directing oxygen away from
Stress increases inflammation, a primary trigger for AS pain. The more stress you have, the more pain you feel.

organs and into the muscles; serum cholesterol levels spike to be converted into a form of glucose used for explosive energy. The liver pours sugar into the bloodstream, the fuel we need for fighting or fleeing the threat. The immune system kicks into high gear, increasing the white blood cell count to combat infection, and blood-clotting factors are released to protect against bleeding to death.

Many more changes occur as the stress hormones flood the body during fight or flight, which endocrinologists call the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) response. These hormones must be metabolized, or burned up, by physical activity as soon as they’re produced. Without an immediate release of intense physical action, blood pressure remains high, muscles remain tensed, the immune system stays revved up, cholesterol is raised but not converted into energy, and our bodies are steeped in a stew of stress chemicals.
It should be clear that psychological stress can complicate or compound pain cycles for AS sufferers:
tense muscles increase the pain

excessive tension exacerbates inflammation which most often occurs near nerve endings  shallow breathing cuts off oxygen to the tendons and organs which surround bones activation of stress hormones causes inflammation to skyrocket
The SNS response is designed to prepare us for physical action that our life may depend on. For primitive people, it worked out well because they often faced physical threats that were resolved fairly quickly. We have since evolved from hunting for food and fighting for survival, to dealing with the constant stress of modern life. Today’s hunting consists of things like finding a job, a parking place, lost keys or relief from pain, and these stressful activities can activate the same survival mechanisms that evolved in our ancient ancestors to keep them alive.

This process is vital for human beings in certain situations it is needed. However the problem with people with these chronic conditions is we do not know how to switch the sympathetic nervous system off.

This is where meditation and guided imagery comes in. It allows us to reactivate the parasympathetic nervous system which tells our body relax there is nothing wrong.

This is not the only reason why we have AS symptoms there is much more and he goes through all of it in his book but thats all i will share.

Also i decided to change my diet back a little i was sick of all this meat and no starch i was vegetarian for 4 years prior to this condition. I decided to start eating some normal foods again like bread, pasta and even pizza. To my surprise i have no had a flare up for a whole week and i am starting to think about giving up meat altogether.

I am not saying i am 100% cured i still have a hip pains likely due to the damage done and sometimes a little stiffness here and there but i know his process is going to take time i recently tried working out again and my pain levels have been significantly lower.

In regards to the diet i think the nervous system has a lot to do with it when we go back to a state of normalizes our digestion improves no longer needing to avoid foods such as starch however when we are stuck in the flight or fight response our digestion slows and thats when problems occur including AS symptoms this is because our body is not digesting foods properly.

Finally i would like to thank GOD/universe for giving me this opportunity to potentially getting my life back/reducing my levels of pain without the need for medication.

As a disclaimer i am not telling anyone this will cure their AS or for them to stop taking their for some people it may not work all i would say is i would highly recommend visiting Peter Winslow website at and read through the information he gives and download his free guided meditation sample and see for yourself if it works! If you are really interested purchase his book or contact him and he may give it you for free!

I hope this information can benefit at-least one person that will make my day thank you. God bless

Heres his youtube channel i highly recommend looking through his videos he is a good man!
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Furthermore evidence that remission is possible without conventional medicine and is to do with the brain. Highly recommend watching both
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Ah yes, we have heard of him here on one of the forums in almost the exact same wording in fact. How could that be? I believe his claims about AS are unethical. Research thoroughly before parting with your money. There are over 11,000 members of KA and to claim that everyone acquired the disease due to a traumatic event in their life is, well, I'll leave it at that... PETER WINSLOW IS UNETHICAL ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS
Posted By: wordbeter Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 02:36 AM
I stopped reading at: "By using breathing techniques..."
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 03:05 AM
Posted By: Timo Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 03:43 AM
In Heal for Real, health expert and healing coach Peter Winslow reveals the simple yet comprehensive program he used to cure himself from chronic pain, deep depression, deadly addictions and the degenerative autoimmune disorder called Ankylosing Spondylitis. An exciting and compelling read, Heal For Real provides a clear path to radiant health and well-being.

Heal For Real
How I Healed from “Incurable” Conditions

He is a scammer and a fraud. There is no cure for Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 09:51 PM
Have any of you even tried Meditation before coming up with conclusions he sent me his book for free ill give it to all of you for free if you want! It may not be a cure but it works for sure!

His guided meditation sample is free so why dome any of you try it? Im tryinh to help you people if you dont belive it then its up to you. But whats the harm in trying something free?

Ralphitness is another person who has made peace with AS an reclaimes his life search his youtube channel Ralphitness.

Everyone thinks its all to to with the body malfuctuonimg but its to do with your brain 80% flare ups are due to stress
God bless i hope this benefits one person atleast cant belive the responses i got lol
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 09:53 PM
What money didnt you read he gave me his book for free shall i send it to you? Please read the post carefully before coming up With these conclusions
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 09:55 PM
You missed out my freind your own loss if you carried on reading i might have sent you the book for free its a E-book
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 10:01 PM
I think because i wrote so much information it looks like im trying to scam you but most of you never even bothered to read the whole post and try the free gudied imagery meditation and check out all the links.

AT NO POINT DID I SAY YOU HAVE TO PAY AND BUY HIS BOOK or spend any money i just benefited so much that i didnt want to exploit Peter Winslow ill send you his book for free over email if you want its a E-book.

You all thought of him as a scammer lol and i dont blame you but whats the harm im doing something free you dont need to pay [*bleep*].

Try it for yourself its FREE
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 10:40 PM
My opinion is about Mr Winslow, not you. I'm very happy you found a cure through meditation and keep in mind many here have tried and/or currently meditate. There was a very similar post here last fall and at that time I did look at some of the links and while the book may be free, this is quite a business enterprise. I don't believe his theory or "cure" and would not want to see our members here lose money on the latest business promotion. We are all entitled to an opinion, please don't take it personally if you aren't affiliated with this business.
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 11:11 PM
Im not telling anyone to buy his book just to look into his work and see for them self i have not cured myself lol i still get pain but there is a significant reductiom and i think over time i will feel better together with exercise and good healthy diet.

Im not taking it personally dont worry i just want to help everyone whos suffering with this condition by sharing something unorthodox.

Take care god bless
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 11:30 PM

choosing to embody a “victim mentality” about an unwanted condition actually justifies pain and suffering. Justification of any difficult condition serves only one outcome: the protection and preservation of that condition.
-Peter Winslow
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 11:41 PM
Originally Posted By Amrit_Singh
Peter said ill send you the book for free in exchange for your endorsement of 50% less pain.

The book was not free if your named is used on his websites, etc. Your decision though. Do you think your AS started from a traumatic experience?
Posted By: Timo Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 11:52 PM
It may not be a cure but it works for sure!

1. He claims he has a cure. He's a fraud. It's very simple.
2. It works for sure? Show us peer reviewed studies to show that it works "for sure" please. Only then will I even consider it.
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 11:54 PM
Im 90% sure some sort of tramuatic experince/high levels of stress played a roll in the deveolpment of this disease and ok the book is not free but give me your email and ill make it free!

Please i urge you to watch this video!
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/22/15 11:59 PM
Whats to consider my friend why dont you see for yourself i keep telling you the guided imagagry is FREE its a 19minute audio that i play every night to sleep it relaxes you and teaches you how to breathe deep into your stomach and deactivate the sympathetic nervous system.

When researchers at Harvard University tested this simple method of pain control, they found it stops acute pain in minutes and reduces chronic pain by 30% in 30 days.

Look go to his website and download it for FREE try it if it works then great message me and i will send his book for free! If it does not work then continue with what your doing!

Its simple its a win win sitaution i want to help you thats all! And of course it wont cure you 100% its not a mircale lol you know that because youve had the condition for so long but i take no medication and i am not getting no side effects from doing this method and the best thing is it is FREE!

You many take immune suppresent drugs (biolgics) which have a lot of side effects and do not get to the root problem supress the immune system just creates more problems!

But hey if you dont want to im not forcing you. You have your own free will to do as you wish!
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/23/15 12:02 AM
He even offers a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Every product I offer comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

I stand behind my work. If you’re not happy, the book is free. I want to make it as easy and low-risk for you as possible.

But still im offering it to you for free right now lol
Posted By: Timo Re: Peter Winslow - 05/23/15 12:19 AM
No more advertising his book. Thank you.
Posted By: Timo Re: Peter Winslow - 05/23/15 12:27 AM
c) Uphold our long valued tradition of no-advertising!! Please do not add to the forums any content or URL links that seek to promote, solicit, or advertise for sales, nor post any volume messages (spam) which may interfere with the operation or enjoyment of
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Ok mate enjoy your day
Posted By: Timo Re: Peter Winslow - 05/23/15 04:07 AM
Thanks very much!
Posted By: Orch Re: Peter Winslow - 05/25/15 05:31 PM
This has created a small uproar. If it is working for you that is great stick with it. Others may benefit from this also. I am always skeptical of a treatment that has not been tested by people other than the author. I doctor told me if the treatment is not going to cause you harm go ahead, and try it.
Posted By: Inanna Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 12:40 PM
I think what needs to be pointed out here is that deep breathing, meditation and relaxation are all key to reducing stress. Stress exacerbates autoimmune diseases, so anything you do that has a beneficial result on stress will have a beneficial effect on the mechanism that causes our pain and inflammation.

It's easy to assume that nobody else has ever tried things, especially when a reaction is as swift and strong as the one to this post was. However, anyone (ANYONE) that claims to have a cure for AS or any other autoimmune disease, especially if there is a product involved for which money must change hands (even if there's a money back guarantee) is a charlatan.

Amrit, in your youth and inexperience, you have inadvertently stepped on a landmine. Please try to bear in mind that most of us who have been living with this for decades have heard every claim there is about cures. Instead of yelling at us for not believing, why not listen to what we have to say and then explain calmly why you think we're wrong? Instead, you've now had a warming from admin because it looked like you were pushing a product.

By all means, if his methods don't do you harm, keep doing them. Hopefully, they will help bring you to a better state of being.

Warm hugs,
Posted By: Jasonpaul Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 02:45 PM
If you can find the will power to follow a program or practice that helps you I wish you luck. They can be life changing if you can find something that feels like who you are inside. Whatever you do, make it about you and how you see yourself. That will help make it a positive habit.

My two cents: I've lived with severe A.S. symptoms for 24 years now. I've practiced and taught Reiki and meditation in the past, as well as at points been an avid exerciser,(roller blading, running, calisthenics, stretching, biking). The only relief I've experienced came when I started biologics and changed my diet. I will say that mind altering behaviors and exercise no matter what it is, greatly improves the quality of life if one can find the will power to do them. Many times to a degree that dealing with the disease is bearable, even no big deal at times. But none of that stopped the progressive progression of the disease, the damage and exponential increase of symptoms as I aged.
Posted By: Eska Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 04:03 PM
I didn't think in this forum there would be any negative criticism on someone finding his/her own method of finding pain relief. I thought this forum was all about support?

nevertheless, Amrit, Im happy for you, but I have a question. Did you try this method everyday before bed? How has it been the following days? In your original post, you had talked about the first time trying, but haven't talked about the following days. please elaborate.

Best regards.
Posted By: Stormy Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 04:21 PM
I'm not trying to be negative. I firmly believe in the power of meditation, relaxation, deep breathing and the like for pain control. I do not believe these activities have any relationship to disease severity or progression. Peter Winslow's claim of a cure are simply wishful thinking. However, if Winslow's methods help you deal with pain and live a normal life you should certainly continue.

I am curious about one thing. When were you diagnosed with AS? Your posts up to now have have indicated that you firmly believe you have AS, but your doctors don't seem to be convinced. Can you really say that something has helped a disease that you have not been definitively been diagnosed with?

April 8, 2015
Originally Posted By Amrit_Singh
Yesterday i finally saw a rheumy and he assessed me and becauae my MRI of my Si joints and lower back showed normal signs (i dont get SI joint pains anyway lol just the rest of the spine) he still was still concerned beacuse i have been having symptoms which are worsening day by day so he said i need to get the HLA-b27 test done. He basically said if your positive we will do futher investigations but if your negative then theres nothing he can do because not enough evidnece etc..... The best he can do is put me down as inflammatory back pain and physiotherapy.I got the blood test yesterday have to wait 3 weeks for the result.

May 6, 2015
Originally Posted By Amrit_Singh
Ive been suffering for a year now hip pain lower back all the way up to my neck and my feet (heels) knees and elbows are also affected yet i still have not been diagnosed with anything.
Im just praying im HLA-b27 positive

May 9, 2015
Originally Posted By Amrit_Singh
The doctors are still trying to figure it out becaue there is no radiographic evidence im in pain everyday i know i have devloped the condtion but tge worst part is they wont diagnose me.

I have decided to take the matter into my own hands and started the LSD i have noticed an inprovement im my symptoms.

Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 07:19 PM
ive been diagnosed with inflamatory back pain which is basically AS ive had the HLA B27 gene test done twice and they lost my blood twice im due to have it again this week and have put in a complaint!

im sure i have it i dont need a dcotor to tell me and i have made peace with the disease and i am healing i wish you the best!

However i will continue to pursue a diagnosis.
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 07:27 PM
Im sorry if i posted in my original post that it will CURE you. Im sure i added a disclaimer anyway ive been advised the word cure is illegal so if i came across as sounding like a miracle cure im sorry.

As a final message there are answers out there if you are willing to look for them again i will apologise if i have caused offense to anyone on this forum.

I have a figured the root cause of my problem and i am feeling much better, I hope you all can the same

God Bless
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 07:32 PM
The treatment has been tested by many people. The are around 95 people right now all across the world using his methods and applying his philosophy to feel much better and improve symptoms!

Do you have facebook my friend if you do i highly recommend you and everyone who is searching for answers to join a group called The philosophers solution for ankylosing spondylitis

I hope this can benefit you
God bless
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 07:35 PM
Sorry about your AS being so unresponsive to meditation etc and im glad you are feeling better with biolgics which is great!

Atleast you gave it a try and like i said its not for everyone we are all individuals and if one thing works for someone it ma not work for another

I wish you good health my friend
God Bless
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 07:47 PM
Hi Eska

I completely understand where everyone on this post is coming from these are people who have suffered the condition longer than i have been alive they have every right to be cautious and weary. I have only had symptoms for a year however i am so grateful for finding this method.

Regarding the guided imagery the answer is yes ive been doing it everyday for almost over a week now and my symptoms have improved greatly i have been able to add foods back into my diet which usually caused flare ups and symptoms of IBS, I feel as if i have more energy and my pain levels have been getting lower each day!

I have also started working out again my first session was a little painful but over the past few days it has become easier and easier i truly believe our bodies have the ability to heal if we provide the right environment and tackle the root causes of our symptoms.

If you give me your email i will foward the E-book to you for free and if you have a facebook account i would highly reccomend checking a group called The Philosophers solution for Ankylosing Spondylitis.

This group has 95 people who are treating their AS without medication and applying methods from Peter Winslow and Ralph Ruiz who are also both in the group. Its where people come together share ideas and observe quitely we do not boast, just take in and digest.

I was too exited and posted on KickAs where i wanted to help but i realized people will be skeptical and its not their fault but if you are searching for answers i am here to help!
Posted By: Eska Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 08:06 PM
Amrit please check your PM
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 08:12 PM
Eska I am i have not received anything?
Posted By: Eska Re: Peter Winslow - 05/26/15 09:25 PM
Hello amrit...really sucks wrote a long msg hit sent and it didnt go...check again plz
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Peter Winslow - 05/27/15 12:29 AM
There has been no criticism of Amrit nor has anyone told him to stop what he's doing. And likewise, he posted dire warnings about taking TNF meds. I take them and do not take Amrit's opinion of my choice personally and I also use some "alternative" methods in my choices. I'm aware of the risks I'm taking and accept them whereas meditation is virtually "no risk" so why not? My message is BUYER BEWARE, research EVERYTHING carefully--including TNF drugs. I researched Peter Winslow last year and I believe he is a business and is making claims about AS and cures that are unethical but that it my opinion. People have good intentions in trying to help members here and want the best for everyone.
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/27/15 12:42 AM
Ok mate im sorry if you thought im getting offended or if offended you.

I also have done my research and have not paid a penny out of my pocket i found two great guys on youtube ralph ruiz (ralphitness) and peter winslow!

By joining a facebook group called The Philosophers solution for AS i have been given access to free resources which are currently helping my body to heal and relive symptoms! Dont just take my word there are almost 100 of us we have a unorthdox method of treating AS and it Works!

I invite you to join us and maybe it could change your life for good!
I respect your opinions and views my friend and i have no inntention of forcing this down your throat im sorry im young about to turn 18 and i just want to help!

Please continue doing what helps you and what you thinks good we all are individuals and should help each other out.

Take care
God Bless
Posted By: Amrit_Singh Re: Peter Winslow - 05/27/15 12:47 AM
Originally Posted By snowshoe
Ah yes, we have heard of him here on one of the forums in almost the exact same wording in fact. How could that be?

Hmmmmmmmmmm thats strange beacuse i wrote all of this in my own words apart from a section talking about the flight of fight part of the nervous system which i copy and pasted from his book? So does this mean you have his book too?

Where is this post ive searched up for it myslef?
Posted By: Timo Re: Peter Winslow - 05/27/15 05:34 AM
I'm pretty sure I deleted the entire thread for advertising.
Posted By: snowshoe Re: Peter Winslow - 05/29/15 12:49 AM
Peter Winslow AKA "Peter Davis" of Scottsdale AZ, Maricopa County AKA Peter Winslow Davis has gotten himself into a bit of legal trouble recently and may be in need of a life coach. It is wise to check out carefully who you choose to follow and endorse.
Posted By: nenadu73 Re: Peter Winslow - 09/26/15 01:44 PM
What kind of legal trouble he has gotten into?