Posted By: dmx07 L-17A-based therapies - 11/22/15 10:53 PM
Increasing evidence suggest that L-17A blockade is far superior than current biologic therapy and can completely stop progression in AS and arrest the autoimmune response.

Cost of Secukinumab injections is $20,000 a year.

What I find absolutely stunning is that taking Vitamin D can block secretion of L-17A helping you modulate your immune system and reduce inflamation in a natural way.

Anyone with good results from taking Vitamin D?
Posted By: drizzit Re: L-17A-based therapies - 11/22/15 11:03 PM
20,000 a year is cheaper then the TNF drugs. I tried Vitamin D in falry high levels and saw little to no improvement. Another poster on here went into remission with sunshine produced vit D not supplements.

AS for the IL 17 drugs one is Already approved and on the market for psoriasis

Possible approval for AS mid next year I would expect

Rapid and sustained response for most patients. Great news and looks to be more effective then the TNF drugs even.
Posted By: dmx07 Re: L-17A-based therapies - 11/23/15 01:15 AM
The amount of Vitamin D produced from sun exposure is relatively small even if you sunbathe year-round.

Remission from this cancer is my dream. Recently my immune decided to detroy my left shoulder.

No relief from NSAID + biologic.

I can hardly move my head from neck pain.
Posted By: SunnyD1979 Re: L-17A-based therapies - 11/23/15 08:49 PM
How long would you think it might take for the NHS to secure funding and actually obtain this treatment for use?

Does anyone have any information or insight as to whether this class of drug may result in fewer potentially awful side effects than the current TNF blockers? I'm talking neuropathy, M.S, or some other crappy drug induced autoimmune problem.

I fear Enbrel as there are reports it has enduced neuropathy - something I already have. I appreciate however that an out of control immune system in the form of A.S may be worsening the autoimmune neuropathy. TNF within the body clearly has some neuro protective element to it? Would you think be focusing in on a more specific immune pathway that the IL-17 inhibitors may therefore result in less problems? I appreciate this can only be hypothetical as only longer term use in human guinea pigs may reveal the truth.
Posted By: dmx07 Re: L-17A-based therapies - 11/24/15 12:04 AM
These are very good and valid questions sunny.

Long-term side effect of Secukinumab are uknown but most researchers consider it much safer than anti-TNF which quashes the entire immune system.

You can die within ours in hospital from opportunistic infection while on anti-TNF therapy.

Antibiotic resistance is also constantly growing so anti-TNF is a huge gamble.