Posted By: DonCA How many of us had / have covid? - 07/23/20 09:19 AM
I don't know if the subject has been talked about already, but I'd like to know how many of us have contracted covid-19 and what kind of course did it take. Some of us are in remission and don't take any medicine, While others are on immune suppressants. The other thing I'd like to know is what are our individual vitamin D levels, I don't think I've contracted covid-19. I have raised my vitamin D levels from 25 to 60, and I'm doing very well now, I can't say the same thing about last year.
Posted By: Didier Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 08/22/20 02:49 PM
So far... nobody?
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 08/26/20 05:38 PM
I have not, nor anyone in immediate family. Brother was tested as he went to therapist for back who had tested positive but both had mask and he tested negative.

Know of some people that have tested positive, but no close family or friends yet.

Posted By: DANVON Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/08/20 04:59 PM
No covid for me and I take vitamin D daily.
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/26/20 07:56 AM
We've managed to avoid it so far. Our dog groomer had it very early on. A friend of ours has lost 12 people.

My niece is a PSW in a care home. There was one case there. A staff member who didn't know he was sick yet gave it to one of the patients. But there have been no more cases. They've worked really hard to keep the facility safe.

Warm hugs,
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/29/20 10:06 AM
I can also say that Linc, from when I was most active here, had it back in March. And another KAer from that time lost her neighbour to it.
Posted By: bilko Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/30/20 02:31 PM
From todays Guardian:

Adalimumab could help prevent care home residents from having to go to hospital with coronavirus.
Sarah Boseley Health editor
Wed 30 Sep 2020

A commonly used arthritis drug is to be trialled with care home residents who have Covid, after it was observed that those taking it for their joint pains were less likely to end up in hospital with the virus.

Older people in care homes, who often have some degree of dementia, tend not to do well in hospital, where they become more confused and may pick up infections. The trial will break new ground by giving the drug to people at care homes, where they can be supervised and monitored afterwards by doctors and nurses.

The drug, adalimumab, has been in use for 20 years and there are cheap versions available all over the world. It is an anti-tumour necrosis factor (anti-TNF) drug, which is used to reduce inflammation in arthritis and bowel disease. In the severe stages of Covid-19, patients can suffer from a “cytokine storm” – an overreaction of the body’s immune system, causing an inflammatory response.

“The motivation here was that residents of care homes were particularly badly hit in the first wave of the pandemic,” said Duncan Richards, professor of clinical therapeutics at the University of Oxford, which is running the trial.

He added: “Many residents of care homes have a care plan that does not involve them going into hospital, which for these people is unlikely to have a good outcome. That has led some people to think they shouldn’t be treated and we disagree with that. We need a treatment or an intervention that is appropriate to that environment, in a context where going to hospital is unlikely to be in their best interests.”
Posted By: sBrian Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 10/04/20 04:31 PM
My wife lost a friend from work who was in her early 60s, and her brothers father in law. My co-worker has lost 5 friends and family in Mexico, including his sister in law, a doctor.

That is the closest it has come to me.
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 10/29/20 02:47 PM
Update.. no one in my close family or friends. But on my wife´s side of family 3 confirmed that contracted virus, one needed hospitalization, but all have recovered now.

I do have co-worker, not on my team but I knew her and she was 24 and passed away now 3-4 weeks ago. Happened very quickly... learned on a Thursday, went to hospital on Saturday and passed away on Tuesday.

Know of a few others at work, but we are all WFH yet, we have 2 offices of roughly 250 employees in each. The coworker that passed away was in my office one floor up, but we are both managers and in some trainings together and ate in same lunch room and she used conference room for meetings next to my office space all the time.

Stay safe everyone!
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 12/11/20 12:01 PM
Bridget in New Mexico and her children are now fighting it (she's an old time KAer whose ex is a covid-denier and gave it to their son on a visit). Another KAer, Theresa, a lab tech in OK, also has it. Someone who had it went to her husband's workplace with no mask, gave it to her husband, who brought it home with him.

These people refusing to protect others are really starting to [*bleep*] me off.

Please stay safe and look after those around you!
Posted By: mig Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/06/21 01:01 AM
Hello Kat!!

Wow, it is nice to see you posting in here - I hope you are well and happy!

I've been keeping as far away from Covid as humanly possible and so far so good (crossing fingers).

The people refusing to protect others are *bleeping* me off too!

Posted By: ineptwill Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/06/21 04:18 PM
Do you come here often? Who are you?
Wow-what a delight to see your return, dear wig wearer!

I best introduce you to those new here who have never had the misfortune errr, oh pleasure of your company! Which it always is dear lady wow, a delight to run into the head admin again

Does John know he has a trespasser!

Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/09/21 07:55 AM
And who is this kind gentleman I see, having fun at the dear lady's expense?

It's good to see you and know you are well.

Love and light and warm hugs,
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/09/21 07:58 AM
Mig, it's good to see you, too!

We are. There have been some pretty serious health challenges the last 18 months for my sweetheart. So we are also staying very isolated. He's actually on the NHS Shielded list. We've never come out of lockdown. I do our shopping and errands, he drives me for the change of scene and stays in the car.

I am so glad to know you are away from the Covid. Have you gone north?

Love and light and warm hugs,
Posted By: ineptwill Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/19/21 05:36 PM
Hello Kat, so nice to see you. fun at her expense, as if I ever would!

Hope all is well with you and enjoying what you can of the countryside around you which is very nice.

Thankfully the infection rate in my area is not too bad but being careful.

Good to see you here

Posted By: Smed Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/20/21 01:50 PM
Have not had Covid but I did get the first shot on Friday with no problems after 5 days
Posted By: snowshoe Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/24/21 12:38 AM
Nice to stop in here and see the return of many long timers in this thread and others. Crazy time this past year with COVID but hope vaccine rollout progresses. Sorry to all who've dealt with it. I've been social distancing for sure. I see Mig has returned to redeem her Admin duties quell any troubles now that Ineptwill has been posting. And nice that Kat has returned to keep up her top posting stats!
Posted By: Cristina Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 01/27/21 10:30 AM
Hi Don,
I don’t know if you will see this or not but this is Cristina in California. It’s been a long time since I have seen you, my friend! I hope you are doing well!
Anyway, I have not had Covid and I am waiting my turn for the vaccination.
Stay healthy!
Posted By: manatee Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 02/07/21 12:41 AM
Well hi everyone. Been a long time and I am so glad to see so many old friends. Hubby and I are getting our first vaccine tomorrow and I thought I would pop in and see how other ASers did with the vaccine.
We have had quite a few people we know contract covid, many long hospital stays, only 1 death though.
Long cold winter here on the mountain as usual just lonely and can't wait for vaccine to kick in and we can crawl out into the light
Stay well
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 02/19/21 07:52 AM
My sweetheart and I have had our first shots of the Oxford vaccine. Neither of us reacted badly. Sore arm for a few days; he had some fatigue.

Also, remember Angel Mom? She and her husband both have Covid. Her husband has been hospitalised. So far, so good.

Warm hugs,
Posted By: Dow Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 03/18/21 07:04 AM
Lisa Angel Mom? And Bill? Are they better now I hope?
Posted By: LINCinNYC Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 03/30/21 02:22 AM
Hi, I had Covid a year ago and still have antibodies...I test negative, and I just got my second Pfizer shot.
When I had it my fever was only 99.7 for almost two weeks but doctors would not test me, saying that was too low a fever. I also had GI issues and weird headaches.
I finally got the antibody test last June when I could see my doctor in person, and I had the antibodies...
Since then I've been diagnosed with post infectious IBS and chronic fatigue...
I have not been on Enbrel for two years, I was on it for 16 years before getting cancer, which is in remission...
I just take Advil for pain...
Hope this helps
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 04/02/21 07:02 PM
Dow, they're getting there. Over 50 days for both of them now. I believe Lisa still has no sense of smell or taste, or at least, it's only ended recently.

I hope you are well. Been thinking about you lately.

Warm hugs,
Posted By: Dow Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 04/07/21 12:17 AM
Oh, thanks so much for the update about Lisa & Bill, Kat!

I'm pretty certain that I had a relatively mild bout with Covid myself, way back in Feb of 2020, just before we knew the name of it and it was declared a world-wide pandemic. I just thought I had caught a particularly nasty flu that I was having a helleva time beating, going to bed at 9PM (when 9AM would be more typical) and yeah, also with almost no sense of smell or taste.

Of course Marsha said: "You always liked Supertramp before, so how would you know if you lost your taste?" Ha.

Will have to find a way to contact Lisa myself and see if there is anything I can do to help.

Posted By: Magician Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 04/19/21 04:37 AM

I Do not have Covid, been staying in my apartment since February of last year. Cave Girl I am!

I just want to let you all know I have had my two shots of the Pfizer vaccine. Had a sore arm after the first shot and after the second ended up in Emergency when my MS kicked into high gear and I was having walking difficulties.

Here we are having problems with the Variant plus the 'normal' Covid-19. Roughly 180-200 new counts added daily. So troubling.

Happy to see and 'hear' from all! Miss the old badly as it was my calmness area when life was tossing me about.

Stay safe and in touch everyone! My email is if anyone wants to contact me. Don't be shy! smile
- Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 04/24/21 11:00 AM
Dow, she's on my friends list at Facebook. Why don't I get a group chat going on messenger?

It sure does sound like you had it!!! Wow! I'm so glad you're all right with it! None of the Long Covid? Linc In NYC has had that.

And there are reports that it might have been around months before we were all aware of it. There's speculation that the one that went pandemic was, maybe, the third mutation? My stepson, D-I-L and grandson ended up in ER in September 2019. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with them, but our 18 month old grandson ended up on oxygen and was in hospital for a week. My stepson is wondering if it might have been an earlier mutation of the virus.

I'm afraid I'm with you on Supertramp. Poor Marsha's on her own with this one. ;-)

Love and light, my friend.
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 04/24/21 11:14 AM
Angie, it's good to hear from you and know you are well! Man, I hope you've been all right on your own like that, all the time. I've been watching the numbers from back home with a fair bit of concern. So glad you got your jabs!!!!

Keep checking in. One or two of us have taken to popping in again, every so often.

Love and light.
Posted By: Robin_H Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 07/12/21 06:35 PM
My mother's side of the family lives in a rural area of about 10,000 people and some cases are there. They live life normally without masks or vaccinations and are not afraid of the virus at any age. The community has always been Conservative. I don't know what the hospital situation is like but a retired nurse tells me that there are patients there. Out there my 60-something uncle is in an assisted living home of about twenty people and the virus ran through his home too. Everybody tested positive. No deaths. My uncle did not notice a symptom.

My father's side are city dwellers like me and all are in a various degree of lockdown and report no events. One is a nurse and will not get the covid vaccine because it is too experimental. One of her kids has slight autism and believes that vaccinations are the cause. Two nurses in my family have often taken flu vaccines due to career and say that those vaccines don't make any difference.

Skip to "CONTINUING" section to avoid politics.

I lived in Wuhan for eight years and walked by the infamous wet market almost every day. In December 2019 my contacts back in Wuhan told me that there are rumours of a new virus in TongJi Hospital that seems to be transmittable through the air. All through January I was freaking out wondering why Canada wasn't closing the borders. Pelosi's “Go hug a Chinese person in Chinatown” political campaign disgusted me. Closing borders isn't racist. I no longer have any trust in the WHO, politicians, or excessively paid medical spokespersons. I demand multiple medical opinions and not just one narrative. Attacking Fauci isn't attacking science, but he says it is. I understand the culture of face in China and the importance of maintaining a level of good diplomacy with China. I never believed that the virus came from the wet market since I knew about the lab, other issues and events. The probability that it came from the lab was far too high. The wet market was just a way to save face, deflect responsibility and maintain diplomacy. Even I got caught up in the political correctness and spoke to others the accepted narrative -- that it came from the wet market -- just because I wanted to get along with the group and avoid people's wrath. There is also an aspect of me being politically correct because I like China and wanted to believe that it was the wet market; a defensive response. The virus is very likely from the lab but we will never be able to definitely prove it just like we will never be able to prove that Jeffrey Epstein and John McAfee were assassinated in prison. But we got Peter Nygard in jail too and I guess he didn't entertain enough politicians to earn an assassination. It is interesting that Bill Gates no longer is a coivd spokesperson. He has visited Jeffery Epstein many times but originally said that they never met.

All blood tests show that I don't have an SpA. I don't trust the tests. I know people in the Lyme Disease community and am aware of the testing reliability controversy. In 2018 a large panel for infectious diseases was done on me because I returned from China quite sick. I had antibodies for measles but hadn't had measles for 40 years. I guess I had a recent exposure. I had the Twinrix vaccine in 2008 but had no hepatitis antibodies in the test panel. I could go on. The bottom line is that the understanding of the immune system is full of inconsistencies. Not having antibodies doesn't mean that you are not immune. I've been exposed to the chicken pox virus many times and never caught it, never have had antibodies nor the vaccine. Science is never “settled.” One solution doesn't fit everyone. But I digress.


I live in an immigrant community in Canada now and go to a Chinese market every week. It has been shut down for a day to be sterilized because a worker tested positive and had to isolate. I wager my money that others have had the virus, didn't know it and never were tested. Around March or May of 2020 I developed a very weak case of what may have been covid-19. I had malaise for about ten days, a stuffy nose and scratchy throat, oxygen hunger but no phlegm or shortness of breath, and got nauseous on two occasions; threw up once. At the time I was already taking Mg, Zn, quercetin, large doses of vitamin D and C. The purpose wasn't for resistance to covid but instead to heal my gut and just for regular immune system boosting. Perhaps that combination really helps protect us from covid. I may even had been taking azithromycin for five weeks because I was being treated for bartonella. I know that I had the azithromycin before the symptoms. A year later I tested negative for covid antibodies.

Four friends reported having covid symptoms and three got testing which came back positive. Three just stayed home but one ended up hospitalized since he was about 400 lbs. The positive side effect of covid is that he lost about 100 lbs. He is back to work.

Six friends have had vaccinations. One died from the second shot but he was in his 60s, yet strong and healthy. One friend developed covid-like symptoms for a short time after the first vaccination perhaps because his body was already primed from his previous covid infection for which he had symptoms and a positive test. The second vaccine seemed like saline.
Posted By: Robin_H Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 07/13/21 12:50 AM
Not everyone gets a fever. Some people just get GI issues, fatigue and nauseated. Doctor's should know that.
Posted By: mulehound Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 07/26/21 03:25 AM
I had it in December along with my wife son and grandsons. I was sick a couple days but not bad. My wife was really sick, grandsons did not slow down. My wife has a underlying heart issue and we ended up at the hospital three times. She did incur some mild damage to her heart but her doctor said she will get over it. He advised she needed a shot as soon as she tested negative for antibodies. We were tested last month she had none, I on the other hand had a high rate of antibodies. Long story short he advised she get vaccinated then he looked at me and said I would get very sick and to wait and test again the first of October.
I posted earlier on this subject, Covid fired up my AS with a vengeance I am just now getting on top of it. Almost felt like I was starting over.
Posted By: mig Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/03/21 11:14 PM
I see you are still a perfect clot, dear Alan! LOL

I have never worn a wig so stop tell tales. floor

John has done a great job of keeping KA going!!!

Hope you are taking good care of You. 1cup

A delight to see you in here, Alan!
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/14/21 01:54 PM
Oh for goodness sake, is he still going on about wigs and you, Mig?!!! Good to know that some things never change.
Posted By: Boroboy Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/23/21 10:04 PM
Hello all,
Not been on for a while. Anyway back to the thread question. Yes I caught it back in Nov last year, as I decided to work through the pandemic, rather than go on furlough. As I work within the U.K care industry. I caught it relatively mildly, with no medical intervention, symptoms lasted for around 2 weeks. Isolated for two weeks too.
I did at the time think the chance of me catching it would be high. Although I decided to live my life, keep working within the safest way I could. It wasn't easy during the first 6 months of the pandemic as my government didn't provide myself or other work colleagues with PPE. Working within the private healthcare system within the U.K, gov does not respect the work to which private healthcare workers do.
I was on Consentyx at the time too.
Posted By: ineptwill Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 09/24/21 12:28 PM
Oh yes, you did/do.
Nice to see you here too.

As I recall, Kat wears one too!

Hello to both of my very favorite Canucks, And Mig too.
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 10/07/21 06:59 AM
Good to see you!
Posted By: DragonSlayer Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 10/20/21 09:30 PM
I am in the COVID-delta group now. I have not had any AS symptoms in many years (only the permanent skeletal damage). Of course I took precautions: I was taking Plaquenil already, and had ivermectin, dexamethasone, and z-pack in addition to vitD, C, zinc, and chaga. Lost my sense of smell and everything tasted strange! After a few days of alternating fever that was below 102, I began having SEVERE back and muscle pain especially centered around spine. The steroid knocked that out and then I got the pneumonia which steroid also mediated but O2 sat fell to 79. I was most of the way through this when my friend developed severe COVID, so I called exactly the right person and got us in for the Regeneron. I fudged number of days I had been sick and although negative nostril test, the blood test was still positive. Friend sent home with O2. That was early September and the fatigue lasted another week and olfactory issues cleared up about a week after that. Still a little weakness due to lack of activity during illness perhaps. Wonderful thing is I cannot get the VAXXX for another 65 days! Probably don't need it, after all (I was skeptical about it anyway).

Posted By: finnari Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 10/21/21 06:35 PM
I"m an RN and finally got it after restarting my humira and being on Avira too. I think i was too immuno supressed. It kicked my [*bleep*], i was so weak. I got the monoclonal antibodies and it seemed worse after. But I'm alive and thankful. And it really blew up my AS, still sorting that out. Resumed my humira sunday, 6 weeks after being positive for COVID. And now the humira doesnt work. I've managed to not be vaccinated but have a decision at work as they are mandating it. My Rhuemy has written an exemption for me.
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 11/06/21 05:18 PM
Why an exception? The vaccines are not live, so not contra-indicated with Humira (which I am also on and have had three jabs now with no problems).
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 11/06/21 05:22 PM
John, research over the past year has shown that the antibodies acquired when you have Covid do not retain their ability to neutralise the virus. However, research since the vaccines came into play shows that in combination with naturally acquired antibodies, the protection is extremely good. Hundreds of millions of doses given, John. Very few serious adverse effects. It's not people reacting to the vaccines that are filling the hospitals, right now. It's mainly people who didn't bother to vaccinate because they listened to bad information.
Posted By: Robin_H Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 11/08/21 01:38 AM
Originally Posted By Inanna
...However, research since the vaccines came into play shows that in combination with naturally acquired antibodies, the protection is extremely good.

References pleasegrin. That is the propaganda that I also hear. The claim could be based on theoretical assumptions. For example: Suppose that measurements show that a person gets infected and they produce 27 different antibodies. Then they take the vaccination and measurements show that they produce three new antibodies hence have theoretically broadened their immunity. That sounds theoretically reasonable but what does the empirical data say when that group gets exposed to various strains? A vaccine can cause a new imprinting that actually reduces immunity in some cases, or the vaccine actually wipes out immunity via a phenomena called "high zone tolerance" in which the relevant T-cell population is eliminated. Having antibodies after an infection is not a requirement for long-term immunity but having anti-bodies above a given threshold after a vaccination is the accepted standard. If a single vaccination after infection does increase protection then must a person get the injection? I think it is a matter of individual choice. If I was 82 years old, survived an infection and did volunteer work in a elementary school then I probably would get a booster. However I know of one case in which a woman well past 80 years old did survive a mild infection but died from such a booster even after waiting for antibodies to diminish from the previous infection.

There is a non-peer reviewed study published in June 2021 from Israel that included cases of the delta variant. It showed that vaccinated people were 13 times more likely to have severe disease in comparison to unvaccinated people that had previous infection. I heard someone break that down into different statistics and it was something like among people in the hospital 65% were vaccinated, 34% were unvaccinated and 1% were previously infected. A study in the UK showed similar ratios. Obviously if 65% of the people in the hospital have been vaccinated and 65% of the population is vaccinated then the vaccine is in principle having zero effect.

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections; MedRxiv; Aug 8, 2021

Originally Posted By Conclusion
This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.

Dr Peter McCullough and other researchers say that natural immunity is all a person needs. Even people that have a weak or sub-clinical case of WuFlu will still have good immunity through T-cell memory. There is no need for seroconverstion to B-cell immunity to produce antibodies. Some people will clear out the infection using just T-cells and macrophages without producing antibodies. The assumption that a minimum level of antibodies is needed for good immunity is a over generalization. However it is recognized that people that have never caught WuFlu do have waning antibodies created by vaccination. All that being said if I needed to be on immmuno-suppressants or had one or more chronic disease that made me very likely to have grave WuFlu disease then I would get vaccinated before catching the bug.

Risks of Vaccines for Those Recovered from COVID-19 – Krammer, Raw & Mathioudakis; by Dr. Peter McCullough; Sep 12, 2021

There is a reasonable hypothesis that boosters will cause accumulated damage. The spike protein is a toxin that takes at least a year for the body to completely clear out and everybody tolerates the spike differently. Older people suffer more from inflammation and the spike causes inflammation among other issues.

Boosters for tetanus are a good idea and they are the toxin that the tetanus bacterium produces. Boosters are good idea because the body is too slow to produce antibodies to tetanus. Even if a person gets a tetanus vaccination upon infection it might be too late to stop the disease. The same is true for the Rabies virus but it is rare. I speculate that the ability to produce WuFlu antibodies after having been previously infected is much faster than the incubation period to develop the WuFlu disease, hence a booster may not be necessary.

I've taken the series of rabies vaccinations as a precaution. In a developing nation I got scratched by a sick cat at a veterinarian. The vet was mortified and told me to immediately go to the hospital for rabies shots. My previous shots were three years old and I didn't worry much and so I did not go. I had measles when I was 10 years old, saw a pediatrician to show him the rash and the pediatrician said that I could go to the wedding without any worry. I had a good time with everyone. I tested positive for measles antibodies when I was 50 years old and I am grateful that I was told not to quarantine. I doubt that those antibodies are from my case that was 40 years earlier, I probably was exposed to measles in the previous ten years while living in a developing nation. The point of mentioning my measles experience is that the Biden government might mandate fines for anyone that leaves their home when they have a cold. Such rules isn't simply about what is right or wrong but more about cultural values. Parts of the world are moving towards a "zero harm" mindset so I am going to take up sky diving before it is legal only for the military.

Biden adds measles to list of diseases that could require quarantine

I do not listen to any "expert" that is employed by a government because their tongues are tied. I recall a moment on the Donahue Show when Milton Friedman explained that because he is a professor and isn't involved in government that he said "...[I] regard it as a great luxury that I can be irresponsible" and freely state my opinions.

Milton Friedman on Donahue 1980 (4/5)

Covid is here to stay like the cold. The coronavirus is endemic because it is in our pets and other animals in nature. It will be passed back and forth between animals and people. We will adapt. Death is part of life. The world's population is too big and too dysgenic due to medical science. Hopefully WuFlu improves the stock. smokin

Neither do I go with a consensus. I often worked on problems alone because I worked fast. I'll never forget a time that after finishing a set of calculations I sought out my team of five other people to compare the final numbers. In one case my number was different from all of theirs. They had the same number of each other. I told them that they were wrong and that I was right. They laughed at me. In my mind I knew where they all had gone wrong and explained it to them. The bulb for the smartest one in the group went on and she explained it to the rest of them. The moral of the story is don't trust a consensus, or an authoritative body, and especially any politicians. Listen to many experts especially when they debate.

Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 12/10/21 04:31 PM

Nature analysis []

The below was a study done in Australia. It shows that the range of antibody neutralisation reactions varies depending on how severe an illness the patient had and which variant. Some affect the neutralising capabilities, others don't, but they figure that a good response in the right patient, with the right variant and severity, could last quite a while.

Plos Article []

Increasingly, they are finding that having Covid 19 does not necessarily bestow immunity. There is at least one KAer that has had it twice, and that person had been vaccinated prior to the second infection. But he's a KAer, so has other medical considerations. Still, they have been looking at this increasingly due to the hope that Covid Antibodies could form an effective defense and to understand whether immunity is possible.

Here's an article from JAMA analysing work on natural antibodies protection is boosted after Pfizer or Moderna.

JAMA Analysis []

I don't often use news media, but this is a good write up and you should be able to find the actual study through it.

Independent Article []

You make your own decisions as to the vaccine and its efficacy. I have seen both sides of the research and know that as an immune compromised patient, they are the way to go if I want any kind of a life at all, during this. Especially with so many running around without any care at all for the fact that they are prolonging this with their actions/inactions.

As to Dr Peter McCullough, is he the guy claiming to cure Covid with Ivermectin? I don't think much of him. For many reasons I don't care to go into, here.

For truly good analysis of what's going on overall, look for Your Local Epidemiologist []
Posted By: Possi Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 12/11/21 02:14 AM
Hi friends!!
I haven’t been here in a while. I am now 78! I got three Pfizer shots. The first made me have some achy chilly flu like symptoms the next day. The second one made me a little tired. The third no symptoms except a slightly sore arm. I was with four other people who tested positive and I did not I am grateful for the shots and I will get a booster as often as deemed necessary and I wear my mask faithfully every time I walk out the door.
Posted By: Inanna Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 12/11/21 07:39 AM
Possi, my goodness, it's lovely to see you here!

Love and light,
Posted By: mulehound Re: How many of us had / have covid? - 12/12/21 04:16 PM
Just a quick post. In my profession I see all sides of this. I have been to death’s related to covid that involve vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I have some people that work for me that have been around covid and have not caught it. I have some that have had it twice. I had it a year ago along with my wife. She was vaccinated I have been monitoring my antibody levels. I was just checked and I have only dropped two points.
I am around this every day due to the aspects of my job. I’ve seen all sides and heard every discussion or argument.
I believe that this affects everyone differently. Use your best judgement, no one knows your body better than you. I wish and hope the best for all of you.