Posted By: Sue22 mighty mouse - 07/10/09 12:55 AM
needed a new mouse for my new laptop (its a small thin laptop so only one USB port, thus was looking for a wireless mouse (one less thing to plug in)).

apple sells a wireless mouse that they call "mighty mouse". it felt ok in my hand initially, so i bought it:

for anyone with small hands and problems with their hands (tendonitis, etc), this mouse seems to be a good option, in its size, shape, and flatness.

most computer mice are too big for my hands and really flare them, but so far, really like this one. not bothering my hands at all the way most mice do.

Posted By: Farinelli Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 01:32 AM
Thanks for the post Sue!! Mice bother my wrists a lot. Nothing we can't handle though!!

Posted By: Karen_the_Mouse Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 03:13 AM
When I saw the subject, I thought this post was going to be about me.


Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 03:29 AM
but i got you to pop in and say hey!
so it looks like i hit on a good title

Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 03:37 AM
i mostly use a mouse because i forget and use my thumbs on the touchpad no matter how much i try to train myself otherwise. and which mouse i use makes a huge difference. as you said, nothing we can't

but i had dq tendonitis so badly for a while i was really worried about not being able to continue my work. there was a period of time when my husband was even doing some typing for me. a cortisone shot did help but it was a long road back. i just don't want to go back there again, but fortunately things are much better now, so long as i'm mindful.

Posted By: rumble Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 06:41 AM
The title attracted me, but I don't use a mac. However, I like Mookie's picture by your name. I don't think you have feathers, so it must be MOokie. Thought I saw a different one yesterday....has it changed more than 2 times?

For Karen, 'MOUSE' would have been in caps...<grin>
Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 06:53 AM
very observant. wonder how many people have noticed the changing avatar. trying to decide which one i like the best. maybe we can have a contest? let everyone vote, that might be fun

stay tuned for a new one tomorrow.

and yes, that is mookie, another excellent observation, the only feathers i wear are the ones from mookie that hitchhike on my clothing.

Posted By: Lon Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 03:27 PM
HI Sue,
I Noticed.
The post had me wondering back in my mind to the days when, as a teenager, I would help shell ear corn for the neighbors. I don't know how many times a big old mouse would run up the inside of someones' pant leg and get stuck at about belt height!!!!
You have a choice, scream like a girl, punch the day lights out of the little bump wiggling on your body, or drop your pants! matter what as a teenager I was on the ground laughing until the tears came!!!!!
Being the manly man I am, I screamed until my mom would come and hold my hand...
Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 05:38 PM

just love the responses "mighty mouse" is prompting!

Posted By: rumble Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 06:41 PM
Sue, your mouse probably won't run up your pants leg, hopefully. LOL. I liked the previous pic of Mookie...showed his(?) plummage better.

(The word "plummage" reminds me of the 'dead parrot' sketch on Monty Python. Glad that Mookie is alive and well.)
Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/10/09 07:28 PM
well, you got a point regarding scurrying mice,

though we also have the real thing scurrying around our house too,
quite a brazen one that i think we finally caught in one of our live traps,
got a light brown one the first night, then a darker one who i think is the one that will come out in the evening even when we're sitting there in the living room with the tv and lights on, the brazen one alluded us for days if not weeks. old house with stone basement surrounded by fields, farmland, so yes, ever vigilant regarding mice, the real kind that is.

maybe the brazen one should have been named "mighty mouse" instead of "mickey".

thanks for the input on the avatar, going to change to yet another option now, let me know what you think. will reveal my "mystery ghost avatar creator" soon, if you haven't figured it out yet.

Posted By: Dow Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 01:00 AM
with 6230 posts at this moment (and probably more by the time I finish typing this ) thought it was time we started filling up some of that empty screen real estate!
Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 02:17 AM
and if not for your initiative, i would have been up to 12,000 with no identity

thanx Dow!

Posted By: Dow Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 03:22 AM
Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 05:21 AM

Posted By: rumble Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 05:51 AM
the brazen one...LOL.

the house I lived in before the current one...there were a couple of mice...the first time I saw one, it was out of the corner of my eye...saw some movement but when I looked directly there was nothing there. This happened several times (thought it was stress from recent divorce...LOL) Didn't think "mouse" until a couple of months later, when I found a chewed up box of crackers in the pantry. Out came the traps. I'm not humane when it comes to mice.

In the current house, we have 2 cats and no mice even though it's on an acre of grass. Only one dared to come in and they made short work of him/her.

I still like the first avatar, though this one is clever. No clue on your avatar creator....a little dense in this respect. I guess Dow, or maybe Mig. Unless Mookie is talented at photoshopping.
Posted By: Sue22 Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 06:22 AM
regarding the brazen one: we started out humane, only a live trap in the closet they seemed to like to hide in (seemed like a safe place for them between the kitchen and the living room). but then we needed to get more serious so we have a number of live and snap traps and figure fate will dictate. i'm pretty sure mookie dropping his pellets on the floor and us not being 100% vigilant regarding cleaning them up doesn't help matters. and if we had a cat, i'm sure that would regards to the mice......but somehow i don't think mookie would take kindly to sharing the house with one of his predators......if only we could train mookie to scare away the mice.

while mookie may be an art aficionado, he doesn't quite have photoshop down yet, maybe next week.

i'll give you two hints:

go to: test

and he likes to stick his tongue out at people...ok, maybe just at me

Posted By: rumble Re: mighty mouse - 07/11/09 08:44 PM
Cute! Dow, you did good!