Posted By: PatoBilbao PROBIOTICS AND LACTOSE INTOLERANCE - 05/20/19 08:35 PM
I read one of the most important supplement fighting AS is probiotics. Dairy poroducts have plenty probiotics but…. what do you recommend if lactose intolerance exist??
Posted By: Janclebro Re: PROBIOTICS AND LACTOSE INTOLERANCE - 05/22/19 10:50 PM
Hi Pato, you need to find yourself a good probiotic supplement. You need to find one that contains no starch fillers, no Maltodextrin, no inulin and no FOS (fructooligosaccharides) as those can all make AS pain worse. I'm at present using GutPro, but there are many others that will fit the bill. Depending on the severity of your symptoms you might need a high dose. I'm not sure how much most people need, but probably nothing under 25 billion per day.

In addition, many people have success using probiotic foods, but they are not suitable for everyone. I personally am not able to tolerate them at all, but if they suit you you could benefit from them.

Lastly, even with a lactose intolerance you may be able to tolerate yoghurt. Make sure to buy a good quality plain one, no sugar, no starch, no preservative, and try leaving it out of the fridge for 24 hours before opening it to make sure all the lactose has been broken down. It might be okay. You could also experiment with using yoghurt from goat or sheep's milk, which is often better tolerated than cow's milk.

Good luck - Jane
Posted By: tvmanjon Re: PROBIOTICS AND LACTOSE INTOLERANCE - 05/24/19 02:54 AM
Probiotics should be started up slowly. Gut Pro has an excellent write up on this. I stated off on a high does and suffered for it.
Posted By: EricaK Re: PROBIOTICS AND LACTOSE INTOLERANCE - 05/27/19 07:35 PM
Really?! I'm definitely going to try some probiotics. I do usually eat fermented foods, but lately I have been craving them extra.