Posted By: Sly Essential Supplements - 01/07/17 03:37 PM
Hi guys,

I've been searching the forums for a ist of which supplements, herbs, oils, etc. are an absolute must or at least which are the ones most commonly used in here.
There is lots of great advice scattered across the forums, but I miss a sticky thread that summarises and collects a list of the very essentials.

So ...

What are your best supplements?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Essential Supplements - 01/09/17 11:19 AM
Personally Sly I must say from the start that I have no belief in the sort of supplements you are writing about. To me they are little more than mumbo-jumbo and witchcraft.
I do however admit that they can have a placebo effect in some patients. The only good thing I have to say about them is that at least they are less likely to do you harm than many of the so called conventional medications that our "medicos" prescribe for us.

I notice that at present you are taking no medication but people who do take meds. must first check that any alternative meds. they take do not react with the things their doc. has prescribed for them.
Posted By: mulehound Re: Essential Supplements - 01/10/17 04:17 PM
I Take the Folowing.
One wild caught salmon oil
Two Kyolic Garlic capsules
B vitamins tablet
These are daily.
Natren Healthly Trinity or a primal defense one a day. Change every other month.

Good luck these work for me.
Posted By: gbash Re: Essential Supplements - 01/17/17 12:14 AM
If you eat a well-balanced diet, then no supplements are "essential."

If you don't eat much fish, then you might consider fish oil supplements. If you rarely get outside or live far north, then you might consider Vitamin D.

Posted By: Spontaneous Re: Essential Supplements - 06/30/17 04:37 AM
I'm interested in this too, I'm having more joint pain and clicking, is there a thread here where people discuss their results using different supplements to help joint health? Such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omega 3 etc.

TIA laugh