As a spectator, I'm so impressed by Mr Obama getting this through. It has to be a defining point in his administration.

As others have mentioned in this post, it's a great first step, and hopefully, over time, more will be done.

I had a mate who worked in the US a few years back, and the amount his company had to pay for private health insurance blew me away. I'm amazed that they can charge so much AND also have been so selective.

Here in Australia I have comprehensive private insurance which only costs me around $250 a month. I think it is because so many people have the insurance that the price is kept so low.

If that can be done here, I'm sure it can (eventually) be done in the US. As TiredOfPain said, it just means the (POWERFULL) insurance companies may have to reduce their dividends and their executive pay packets slightly!


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