Welcome to the team cemc!

Just post any exercise you do, any old time you like!
Mention the sport or activity you have done and how long it took you - mention distance if applicable and I will do the rest.

I am converting all the time into minutes and distance into miles - but you just enter what you are familiar with.

Erica enters her swimming stats in yards and I convert to miles.

Dow told me the length of his pool and what he counts as a lap and then just tells me how many laps he has done and how long it took him.

Angelmom does "rounds" in her pool... because it is round!!! So we calculated the pool size and she tells me how many rounds she does.

We will find a way input any figures you can come up with... within reason!!!! (had to add that before Kevin pops in and comes up with something completely ridiculous!!! Sorry, Kevin, but you know you would!!! laugh2 hugss

KickAS and help others do the same!